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In September 2016 the III volume of Caucasus Social Science Review [CSSR] was published.

The CSSR is a principal outlet for scholarly articles on the Caucasus published by the Center for Social Sciences (CSS). It provides a unique forum for academic debates and evidence based research that welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to the issues. CSSR strongly encourages interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary social change in the Caucasus by offering a meeting space for international scholars across the social sciences, including foreign policy and security, applied social research, higher education, development, gender studies, political science, anthropology,cultural studies, psychology, and sociology. It publishes internationally peer-reviewed research articles and special thematic issues.

Table of Contents of Volume III

The Association Agreement - New Conflict Resolution Mechanism Or Another Beautiful Cloth On The Same Body?
By Levan Makhashvili

A regional house...of cards? Discursive and imaginative processes of region-building within and around Georgia
By Alessandra Russo

Revolution as an Oedipal Conflict and ItsRepresentation in Early Soviet Silent Films: Arsena Jorjiashvili, (1921) Mother(1926)and Prison Cell 79(1929)
By Salome Tsopurashvili

Global Health and Development Strengthening Health Systems by Empowering Women Paternity Leave - Policy Analysis and Development Framework By
Ana Nioradze, Alison Earle, Diana Bowser

ISSN: 2233-3223

The journl can be accessed at the following URL: