Open Calls

Call for Papers: Places and Non-Places of Modernity Movement, Memory and Imagination in Contemporary Europe

The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) at Södertörn University, Sweden invites paper proposals for CBEES Annual Conference, to be held in Stockholm on 3-4 December 2015. The conference theme is

"Places and Non-Places of Modernity: Movement, Memory and Imagination in Contemporary Europe"

This interdisciplinary conference will focus on the notion of place in the more recent modernity of globalization and internationalization, with its many histories of movement, migration, transfer and transmission. The scheme of exile has been important for our understanding of modernity, which is defined as the transformation of the old and commonplace. The pace of social change in recent times seems, however, to bring about a different relation to place, perhaps also to be understood as non-place, defined as a space that does not necessarily hold meaning for us.

The deadline for all paper and panel proposals is 5 May, 2015

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