International Advisory Board

Roland Dannreuther

Roland Dannreuther is currently head of the department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster. He is also an International Fellow at the Department of International Relations, Tbilisi State University, Georgia. He was previously Professor of International Relations at the University of Edinburgh, Faculty Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and Research Associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. His research revolves around the area of security studies and international relations with a regional focus on Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East. He also has an interest in the engagement of historical sociology in International Relations. His current research is on energy security and international energy politics, with a particular focus on China's international energy strategy and the future dynamics of international energy strategy. He is also working on Russia's foreign policy towards the North Caucasus and towards the broader Muslim world. Recent publications include, International Security: The Contemporary Agenda (2nd edition; forthcoming 2013); Global Resources: Conflict and Cooperation (forthcoming 2013) edited with Wojciech Ostrowski; China, Oil and Global Politics (Routledge, 2011) co-authored with Philip Andrews-Speed; Russia and Islam: State, Society and Radicalism (Routledge, 2010) co-edited with Luke March; ‘Russia and the Middle East: A Cold War Paradigm?‘, Europe-Asia Studies, 64:3, 2012: 543-560 ‘China and Global Oil: Vulnerability and Opportunity', International Affairs, 87:6, 2011: 1345-1364; ‘Understanding the Middle East Peace Process: An Historical Institutionalist Approach‘, European Journal of International Relations, 17:2, 2011, pp. 187-208; ‘Islamic Radicalisation in Russia: An Assessment', International Affairs, 86:1, 2010.