Foreign Policy & Europeanization

The CSS foreign policy and security programme of the Center for Social Sciences produces evidence-based, analytically rigorous research on international issues affecting Georgia, and on Georgian policy with respect to those issues. The programme seeks to contribute to informed public debate on foreign policy and security in Georgia.

There are four major research directions in the programme.

The first focus is the Caucasian region. Subjects include:

  • Domestic politics and foreign policies of neighbours in the Southern Caucasus;
  • Bilateral relations between Georgia and its neighbours;
  • The conflict over Nagorno Karabakh and its implications for Georgia;
  • Transnational flows and risks in the region;
  • Prospects for regional cooperation in the Southern Caucasus.

The second focus is Russia. Subjects include:

  • Stability in the Northern Caucasus;
  • The relationship between developments in the Northern Caucasus and Georgian security;
  • Russian political, economic and military trends;
  • Legal aspects of Georgia’s relations with Russia;
  • The development of Russian policy towards Georgia;
  • Prospects for Georgia-Russian relations.

The third focus is Europe. This includes:

  • Georgia and in the European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership;
  • The political economy of Georgia-EU relations (trade and investment);
  • European enlargement and Georgia;
  • Georgia and European energy security;
  • Georgia-NATO relations.

Fourth is the US. Possible topics include:

  • Obama Administration policy towards Georgia;
  • Congress in US policy towards Georgia;
  • US engagement with Georgia’s economy;
  • Trends in US assistance to Georgia, including US-Georgia defence relations.

The programme is directed by Neil MacFarlane, Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford. Outputs include a series of working papers, articles for Georgian media, and posting on the CSS blog.