"The Mechanism of Internal Controls and Management Style in Public Schools, Georgia"

Tamar Mosiashvili, September 2012


The rapid change of education system reform vector in Georgia increased the General Education centralization process. During the last two years the changes were passed in the law on General education. The changes reinforced the role of Ministry of Education and Science was in the school management process. The Minister issued decrees,, Teachers Professional Code of Ethics, Students Code of Ethics, Standard of School Principle were adopted and enforced in 2010. Based on the new regulations Georgian Public Schools developed and renewed Public School Bylaws.

The School Bylaws reflected the changes entered in force. The General Education system management changed and as a whole it contributed strengthening the zero tolerance tendencies. The school discipline management procedures are strengthened. The School Bylaws determined the inflexible punishable measures connected with the discipline abolishment, though the exact description of the discipline abolishment in the prepared Bylaws is not noticed. The Bylaws define the school management style and control mechanisms. In this article the Georgian Public Schools' Bylaws are studied and identified the needs of systematic changes of Education Policy, in particular, discipline management.