National Identity 2013 (ISSP)

In 2013 CSS joined the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), and within its frameworks conducts annual nationwide surveys on various topics.

ISSP comprises of the 45 member states that conducted the abovementioned surveys with joint methodology.

In 2013 the ISSP topic was defined to be "National Identity".


The target group consists of the adult population of Georgia (18+), except for the occupied regions of the country.

Sampling Frame

The research is based on the electoral data available at National Statistics Office of Georgia (GEOSTAT). According to these data, the population of Georgia is categorized by region, settlement type and settlement size.

Sample Size

The sample size was defined to be 1500 respondents. The questionnaires were divided in proportion with the population in stratas.

The database can be accessed at the following link: