Bologna Process: Europeanization of Georgia’s Higher Education System

(Working Paper)

Diana Lezhava, July 2016

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Europeanization of higher education in Georgia is a process that is closely linked to the country’s attempt to break through its Soviet past and legacy. Europeanization of the Georgian higher education system started in 2005, two years after the Rose Revolution (2003), when the newly formed government was reforming every sphere to show it’s clearly set Western aspiration. Thus, in 2005 Georgia joined the Bologna process at Bergen Summit, together with other South Caucasian states (Bergen Communiqué, 2005), and took responsibility to modify its educational system in order to harmonize it with the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Declaration, 1999).

The Current working paper breifly describes the achievements and challanges Georgia faces in respect to Europeanization of its higher education system.