International conference - Georgia in the Contested World

Conference Dates: 9-10 December 2014
Conference Venue: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University I block, room #107
Conference Language: English and Georgian (simultaneous translation provided)

On 9-10 December, 2014 Center for Social Sciences organized an international conference "Georgia in the Contested World" with the financial support of  Shota Rustaveli  National Science Foundation. The conference was held at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Conference aimed to bring together established and emerging international, as well as local practitioners and scholars willing to share their research findings about changes and transformations taking place in contemporary Georgia.

The conference mainly focused on: the position and status of Georgia in the contested world, its political, social, cultural and technological development in the light of globalization; its interstate relations and security, transformation in respect to identities and the future aspirations; impact of the international change on Georgia’s political agenda, values, economy and identity.

Two days conference was dedicated to the presentation of the state-of-the-art academic and applied research findings about Georgia. The conference was divided in several panels: Euro-Atlantic Integration, Foreign Policy and Security, Transformations and Reforms, Education and Development, Identities and Values, Gender Equality, and Economic Development. Each panel was followed by a discussion session.

Conference Programme

Press Release

Conference materials:

Bagnardi Francesco, "The changing Pattern of Social Dialogue in Europe and the influence of ILO and EU in Georgian Tripartism", paper abstract

Audrey Schlegel, "Georgia’s Integration into a Contested World: Finding the Middle Way between Differentiation and Inclusiveness", paper abstract

Neil Macfarlane, "Russia, Ukraine and the European Security Framework", paper abstract

Roland Dannreuther, "Central and East European Responses to Russia after Ukraine: Military and Energy Security Perspectives", paper abstract

Timothy Colton, "Russian Nationalism and the Evolution of Putin’s Foreign Policy", paper abstract

Abel Polese, "Mapping Informality in Post-Socialism: Governance, Social Justice and Welfare Reforms", paper abstract

David Sichinava, "Elections in Georgia - Contextual Effects and Voting", paper abstract, PPT

Nino Dolidze, "Public Administration Reforms in Georgia: Establishing Administrative Model for State Organizations", paper abstract, PPT

Diana Bogishvili, "Georgian National Values in the Era of Globalization", paper abstract, PPT

Ivane Tsereteli, "We and Others’’ Titular Nation and Ethnic Minorities Interpretations in Georgia on the Edge of XIX – XX Centuries, paper abstract

Darja Zavirsek, "Contextualizing Social Welfare and Social Work Professionals in the Region: a SocioCultural Perspective", paper abstract

Maia Barkaia, "(En)gendering resistance in Georgia", paper abstract, PPT

Nani Bendeliani, "Is Social Capital Related to Labor Market Inequality in Georgia?", PPT

Ia Iashvili, "Tendencies and Perspectives of the Development of Medical Balneology Tourism in Transitional Georgia", paper abstract, PPT

George Chiladze, "Interdisciplinary Nature of intercultural Property: Social, Legal and Economic Aspects", paper abstract, PPT