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Report Paper of The Study „Gender Discrimination In Georgian Labour Market“

The current study „Gender discrimination in Georgian labour market” focuses on gender, based on social constructionist theory, which claimes that gender is socially constructed and the gender differences are not based on person’s biology. Gender discrimination is defined as a situation, where one person is treated differently due to person’s gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc.

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Commissioned Study: Women’s Needs and Priorities in High Mountainous Regions of Georgia

UN Women in the framework of the EU-funded program “Innovative Action for Gender Equality in Georgia” (IAGE) contracted the Center for Social Sciences to conduct a study of the needs and priorities of women residing in isolated mountainous settings of Georgia. The end goal of the study has been to identify the social and economic needs of the population residing in high mountainous regions of Georgia and to use its results and recommendations for advocacy purposes with relevant authorities for the improvement of identified policy and service provision gaps and challenges.