Gender Equality

The main objective of the program is to examine Gender Equality issues in Georgia based on academic and applied research, as well as conduct an effective analysis and foster political models essential for institutional development and establishment of Gender Equality.

The Centre for Social Sciences explores different aspects of Gender Equality. On the one hand, it examines the processes ensuring promotion of Gender Equality at the institutional and public level, and attempts to identify the barriers hindering successful implementation of Gender Equality policy in the country, on the other.

The research interests of the Centre entail the following aspects: reveal the attitudes of the Georgian population towards gender-related issues, evaluate the current gender policy, study different aspects of gender equality and provide recommendations, analyze the gender equality legislation and carry out comparative analysis of Georgian and International legislation.

The main goal of the Gender Equality Program is to lay the foundations for the mainstreaming of gender issues in Social Sciences in Georgia. Correspondingly, the studies conducted by the Gender Equality group will be accessible for the specialists in the respective field, experts, political circles and the general public.