Drafts and Additions of Behavioral Communication Theories

Author:Jurgen Habermas

Page number, Format:548, A5

Financing:The book was published by support of CEU translation Project and financial assistance of foundation of OSI – Zug, publishing development center of Open Society institute in Budapest (GPD), Social Science support program (SSSP) of Open Society – Georgian foundation (OSGF) and Publishing-translating program (TR), 2003.

Short Description:The book consists of 11 parts. The first part unites five lectures, which are proposed to theoretical establishment of the sociological language; further, the theories of truth, notes for developing interaction competence, thoughts on pathology of communication are discussed. Then it covers discussions on behaviors, operations and body movements, intention, convention and language interaction. The next part is dedicated to the international semantics. Finally, universal pragmatism is explained and aspects of rationalism in action as well as the notion of communicative behavior are discussed.

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