Selected Works in Sociology of Religion

Author:Max Weber

Page number, Format:413, A5.

Financing:The book is published by support of CEU translation Project and Next Page Foundation (Sophia, Bulgaria) with financial assistance of OSI – Zug foundation, Publishing Development Center of Open Society Institute in Budapest (GPD), Social Science Support Program (SSSP) of Open Society – Georgian foundation (OSGF) and publishing or translating program (TR).


Short Description:The book includes the points of protestant ethics and capitalism aspirations, in which the author concerns the topics such as: confession and social leveling and concept of Luther’s appeal; it also implies professional (religious basis of civil ascetism; ascetism and capitalism aspirations) ethic of ascetic Protestantism; Economic ethics of word religions (the attempt of comparative-sociological research) the steps and directions of religious rejection of materialism. Beside this, the author offers detailed and well reflected comments.