Psychology and Life (16th ed.)

Authors: Richard Gerrig, Philip Zimbardo

Published: 2009 in cooperation with TSU publishing house

Pages, Format: 854pp, A4

Financing:Georgian translation of the book was prepared by the Center for Social Sciences sponsored by OSI-ZUG foundation and the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute, Budapest (OSI, HESP). The title was published in cooperation with TSU publishing house.

© The Center for Social Sciences, 2009

Short Description:Psychology and Life (16th ed.) is introduction to Psychology written by Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and Richard Gerrig, Professor at Stony Brook University. This classic text emphasizes the science of psychology, with a special focus on applying the science to students’ daily lives. Psychology and Life continues to provide a rigorous, research-centered survey of the discipline while offering students special features and learning aids that will spark their interest and excite their imaginations.