Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences

Author:Harold O. Kiess

Financing:Georgian translation of the book was prepared by the Center for Social Sciences sponsored by OSI-ZUG foundation and the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute, Budapest (OSI, HESP). The title was published in cooperation with TSU publishing house.

© The Center for Social Sciences, 2007

Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences / Harold O. Kiess – 3rd edition (ISBN: 0205332919)
Copyright © 2002, 1996, 1989 by Allyn & Bacon
A Pearson Education Company

Translators:Teona Aslanishvili, Maya Robakidze, Lili Khechuashvili, Nino Tsereteli

Scienific editors:Zaza Khechinashvili, Tinatin Zurabishvili

Editor:Lia Kacharava

Short Description:Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences by Harold O. Kiess is among the literature which is absolutely necessary for a scientist to provide any data in social sciences as a reliable result of a study. Main objective of the book is to provide a conceptual development of basic statistical methods in the context of their use in behavioral science. To achieve this goal, a strong emphasis is placed on utilizing contemporary research problems in the social sciences, since the real problems more adequately illustrate the immediate relevance of statistical analysis in scientific research.