“Assessment of the Gender Equality Policy in Georgia by Women’s Organizations”

Elene Japaridze, August 2012

After the post-Soviet period, gender and gender equality became objects of active discussion in Georgia. 

Gender is a socially constructed category which is created by the culture to denote the concepts of man and woman. By gender we mean not only the qualities that characterize men or women, but also the models of behavior, thinking, and action that society and culture establish for men and women. As noted by Wharton, gender is a kind of central organizing principle of social life in every culture. 
Gender relations determine how equally men and women use, have access to, and control resources. We encounter a lot of cases of inequality and discrimination that are caused by models of behavior and expectations established according to gender roles. Division and differentiation between people by gender that leads to gender inequality are characteristic of almost every society. The World Bank report of 2003 says that issues of gender inequality that manifest themselves in unequal participation of men and women, for example, in the areas of education, health care, and politics, affect the development of the world

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