Sociology of Culture

Author:Eduard Kodua

Page number, Format:293, A5

© Open Society -Georgia Foundation, 2001

Short Description:The book considers the questions such as: the difficulties of realizing culture, culturology, as a science. Detailed definition of main terms and concepts are introduced. The author discusses the subject, goals and origins (Parsons and sociology of culture) of sociology of culture; prerequisites of research methods in culture; the analysis of cultural understandings. He also makes classification of definitions of culture and speaks about the interaction of culture and civilization and offers modern definition of civilization. Besides, the author also considers the issues of culture and cultural inheritance; culture and human crisis, culture and values. He concerns the concept of value in modern sociology and psychological sociology; analyses this term and discusses concept of value together with previous functionalism; also describes main features of value: issues of interaction between religion, culture and society on the one hand, and culture, ideology and world outline on another. He offers conceptual analysis of ideology and discusses its relation towards world outline and science as well.

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