Academic Writing for Beginners

Author:Lia Kacharava, Khatuna Martskvishvili, Lili Khechuashvili

Edition year:2007

Page number, Format:120, A4.

Financing:The book was prepared and published by the Center for Social sciences, with financial support of OSI-Zug foundation, higher education support program (HESP) of Open Society Institute in Budapest

© Center for Social Sciences, 2007

Short description:The book aims at developing students writing skills. The book includes the following aspects: general principles of working on text, evaluation of writing process and preparatory works. It also refers the genres like: essay, argumentative essay and critics. The issue of plagiarism and the rules of other author’s opinion usage in the texts are also considered in the book. Finally, authors propose grammar rules and exercises, together with information about documentation format style of American Psychologists’ Association for Social Sciences.