Statement from MEDIATIZED EU regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The European project is an outcome of the two world wars that were detrimental for Europe and the world. United in their pledge to prevent future wars, European leaders decided to build a strong union based on solidarity that would pursue the values of freedom, peace, democracy and the rule of law. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine severely undermines these values and principles in Europe and on a global scale. We, the academic community implementing the European Commission-funded MEDIATIZED EU project, call the European Union bodies for action to defend freedom, peace and democracy in Ukraine and in Europe!

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Policy Paper Series “PhD Education in Georgia”

Within the project entitled “Introduction of the American-Style Graduate School System to Georgia” that was implemented by the Center for Social Sciences with the financial support of the Alumni Grants Program, U.S. Embassy, a series of policy papers were developed. The policy papers are aimed at the university administrations, policy-makers and other interested parties.

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Online Teaching and Higher Education

By Diana Lezhava, Center for Social Sciences

Center for Social Sciences starts a series of blog post on higher education and labour market within the research project ” Challenges to Bologna: High-productive Labour Force and Higher Education in Georgia” funded by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundations [grant № FR 18-13966].

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Managing Ambivalence: An Interplay Between the Wanted and Unwanted Aspects of European Integration in Georgia

Book Chapter

Author: Lia Tsuladze

Published by: Radeljić , B. , 2021, The Unwanted Europeanness? Understanding Division and Inclusion in Contemporary Europe, De Gruyter, DOI:

This work was supported by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia
(SRNSFG) under Basic Research State Grant [number FR17_91].