Ongoing Projects

Project title: Around the Caspian: a Doctoral Training for Future Experts in Development and Cooperation with Focus on the Caspian Region

Donor: Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network

The project is implemented by partnership of several EU and non-EU academic and non-academic organizations: Dublin City University (Coordinator), Forschungstelle Osteuropa, University of St Andrews, University of Gent, Oxford Brookes University, Tallinn University of Technology, Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Eastern Partnership Advancement Centre, Kimmage Development Studies Centre, Levada Centre, Ainouras Research, Transitions online, Renmin University of China, Jawahral Nehru University, Harvard University, Moscow Higher School of Economics, Marmara University, Hanyang University.

Aim: The project encompasses the introduction of joint PhD programs in Caspian Studies. Total of 15 PhD students will be admitted to the program in several EU academic institutions. The non-academic actors will engage the students as interns for enhancing their practical skills and capabilities in working with non-governmental sector, especially in working with non-academic research institutions. CSS acts as a non-academic non-EU partner.