Tamar Mosiashvili

Affiliated Fellow


Bio: Tamar Moiashvili cooperates with CSS since 2012. She is an Education Specialist, Education Program Manager of Civic Development Institute.

She is an author and manager of education projects implemented by the Civic Development Institute. The projects aim to improve the teacher's qualification, teaching process and democratic culture in Georgian Schools. In the frames of the educational projects the second chance education model for primary school children and alternative education policies was developed. She supervises the education projects "Basic Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills for Primary School Children, New Educational Opportunities for Educationally Deprived Children", Safe School Program Monitoring", "Advocacy for Child Friendly School" and "Towards the Bologna Process".

In 2001-2008 Tamar was involved in the Education System Realignment and Strengthening Project "Ilia Chavchavadze" as a school consultant and trainer. In 2005-2008 she was an Education Specialist in Georgian Education Decentralization and Accreditation Project (AED/USAID). She prepared and provide training for the Education Resource Center (ERCs); developed policy documents related to the ERC establishment, conducted consultation and advisory services to the ERC staff in order to develop their facilitation skills and support professional development of the staff; worked with Ministry team.
In 2009-2010 she worked at Teacher Professional Development Centre as Certification Coordinator. She developed Teacher Certification Statute, and Teachers professional Development Scheme (draft). She is an author of publications on education management and teaching and learning process, and alternative policies and regulations.