Gender – Cultural and Social Construct

Author:Mzia Tsereteli

Page number, Format:116, A4

Financing:The book is prepared and published by the Center for Social Sciences, with the financial support of OSI – Zug Foundation, Higher Education Support Program (HESP) of Open Society Institute in Budapest.

© Center for Social Sciences, 2006

Short Description:The book represents eight general topics which unite number of issues on gender, as a concept of social and cultural context. These topics are: gender role ideology, gender stereotype, masculinity-femininity, cross-cultural studies, theories of gender identification and gender roles, socialization of sex and its institutions, role of culture in gender socialization, gender roles and stereotypes, cross-cultural data, family and society, cross-cultural differences between men and women, patterns of gender stratification, gender aspect of labor market in different cultures, issues of gender asymmetry, woman in South Caucasian culture, gender analysis of Georgian culture.