Historic Aspects of Women’s Rights

Author:Tamar Sabedashvii

Page number, Format:112, A4.

Financing:The book is prepared and published by the Center for Social Sciences, with the financial support of OSI – Zug Foundation, Higher Education Support Program (HESP) of Open Society Institute in Budapest.

© Center for Social Sciences, 2006

Short Description:The author offers historical discussion on increasing awareness in the West and Soviet Union in the sphere of women’s rights protection to introduce legal aspects of gender. Those historic circumstances are reviewed that encouraged women rights discrimination and the questions on impartiality of a lawmaker as well as public conditions and attitudes are raised. Legal aspects of women since the Bourgeois Revolution of France including the data of 20th century are discussed. Apart from this, affords of international organizations are described in the book that intended to improve the conditions for the protection of women’s rights. This piece of work also includes the experience of Georgia in this sphere as well as gives certain points on increasing women representation in legislative body.