Gender and Politics

Author:Lela Khomeriki

Page number, Format:48, A4.

Financing:The book is prepared and published by the Center for Social Sciences, with the financial support of OSI – Zug Foundation, Higher Education Support Program (HESP) of Open Society Institute in Budapest.

© Center for Social Sciences, 2006

Short Description:Gender policy in modern political theory; development of the concept of women political rights; international and national legal mechanisms for the protection of women political rights are discussed in the book. The represented questions are divided into twelve topics, in particular: women participation in politics; gender parameters in political parties; gender aspects of Georgian elections system; special temporary measures to provide gender equality; strategies to increase women’s political representation in politics; gender policy of systems and organizations; gender policy of mass media; public policy in gender and women’s issues; gender budget; pursuing the policy directed to maintain gender equality in Georgia and on regional level; gender statistics; gender mainstreaming; gender analysis: definition of the notion and instruments for gender analysis.