A Historical Review of Drug Related Affairs in Georgia

(Working Paper)

By Elene Japaradze, April 2014


When thinking and working on the issues of drug addiction, I realized that I could not escape the necessity of describing the local situation in Georgia, as the current situation in Georgia regarding drug policy is radically different from that of the European countries, and, accordingly, it is necessary to give a detailed review of what is happening in Georgia today and, more generally, what has happened in the recent period. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to present an overview analysis of the drug situation in Georgia, in order to describe today’s situation in clearer and more understandable terms.
First, I decided to dwell on the most important factors, such as:

a) a historical review since the time Georgia gained independence; 
b) drug legislation and its weaknesses;
c) drug market and artificial scarcity of drugs of the opioid group and
d) society’s attitude to drug addiction and to drug users;

A review of these factors and the description of the situation will help me shed more light on the specific problems regarding drug use in Georgia and will help me to find some answers and solutions how to improve the existing situation.